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Sunday, February 25, 2001

Global Agenda Public Test Server V1.4

The public test server for Global Agenda version 1.4 is here! It introduces the new Dome City Defense Raid map, Mercenary PvP changes, a Medic skill-tree rebuild, and many other exciting changes!

(Scroll down to the bottom for screenshots and videos)

Patch Highlights

- 30+ Merc matches should now no longer award Uncommons
- 30+ Merc matches had their Epic drop rates increased significantly.
- 30+ Merc matches now reward Crescent Jetpacks much more often.
- 30+ Merc matches now have a chance for new Tier-5 Dyes: Dragonscale, Chameleon, etc
- New Merc maps
- New Raid (Dome City Defense)
- Level 40 perfect stat armor can be purchased from Dome City armor vendor (12k tokens)
- Added new Tier 3 dyes to dye vendor - Teal and Burgundy.
- Adjusted Profile Slot prices - are now 6k, 8k, 10k, and 12k tokens respectively.
- Significantly reworked Healer and Poison skill trees for Medic.

Connecting to the Public Test Server

The Public Test client is only available via the Hi-Rez Update Service. If you previously used Steam to get the PTS client, this will no longer work.

Download the HRUS installer here:

Open the Hi-Rez Update Service:
  1. Select Options.
  2. Select Global Agenda Public Test.
  3. Select Install.
  4. The Public Test version will then download.
Download Image

Dropdown Image

When you select Global Agenda Public Test, you will see the latest information about the Public Test server and announcements about whether the server is up or not. The Public Test Server will only be available for testing at certain pre-announced times ahead of patch deployments.

Watch the Public Test Server Forum for announcements on test availability, or follow GATestSvrStatus on Twitter.

Updated Medic Skill-tree (by Dhuff)
(Click for fullsize)

#Click here for full album (100 pics)#


Global Agenda PTS (1.4) // Overview // Raid (no mobs)

Global Agenda PTS (1.4) // Raid with Mobs + Boss

Dome City Defense Raid - Waves 4 & 5 (by Doobie)

Global Agenda PTS (1.4) // Haulin' Acid Payload Map

Global Agenda PTS (1.4) // Updated Blackwater Loch Map

Global Agenda PTS (1.4) - New Dyes:

Since this is a test server, everything is subject to change.


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  1. That damn boss! 900k-1 million hp =\